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Elementor +

Prerequisite: Sign-up to, add your website & get code snippet

Important! You should have Elementor Pro plan to be able to add a code snippet

You can easily add to your website in Elementor. There are 2 ways to install in Elementor

Option 1. Install official WordPress plugin

Please follow instructions here: WordPress +

Option 2. Use custom code in Elementor

To do that, you would need to add code snippet in your Elementor Settings.
Step 1. Go to "Elementor" in the left sidebar, then "Custom Code" and click the "New Code "button to add new code.
Step 2. As a title enter: ""
Step 3. For "Location" setting, select "<body> – End"
Step 4. For "Priority" setting, select "10"
Step 5. Paste the code snippet in the text box
Step 6. Click "Publish"
Step 7. For "Condition" setting, select "Entire Site"

After you "Save" your changes, would be available on all pages in your website.
See more details on "Custom Code (PRO)" on

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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