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Prerequisite: Sign-up to, add your website & get code snippet

For users. You need to have at least Business plan on to add code snippet can be installed on hosted version and self-hosted version. There are 2 ways to install on Wordpress.

Option 1. Official Wordpress Plugin

Step 1. Download plugin from the Wordpress Plugin directory.
Step 2. In your Wordpress admin panel, navigate to plugin.
Step 3. From your plugin, Sign up / Sign in to you account.
Upon successful authentication, you will see settings in your Wordpress admin panel. code will be added automatically, you would not need to do anything else.

Option 2. Use custom code plugin

To install, you need to add code snippet in the the HTML of your website. You can add code snippets using WordPress plugins.
Step 1. Install and activate the free Insert Headers & Footer plugin or a similar plugin that allows you to add custom code snippet into the HTML code of your WordPress site.
Step 2. In WordPress dashboard go to My Site(s) → Settings → Insert Headers & Footers.
Step 3. Paste code snippet into the Scripts in the Footer box and click Save.

Updated on: 06/01/2023

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