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How change link preview popup content? link preview popup link preview popup information gets extracted from the meta tags on the hyperlinked website. will look into the main meta tags first, if they are not provided, then Open Graph and Twitter meta tags are going to be checked. If some of the meta tags are missing, e.g. no thumbnail image, that part is not going to be shown in the link preview popup.

    <title>Why Brand Awareness Is The 5th Pillar Of SEO</title>
    <meta name="description" content="While the traditional SEO techniques work on non-branded search, they are ineffective on branded search. Learn how to grow branded search by embracing brand awareness as the fifth SEO pillar.">
    <meta property="og:image" content="">

✅ You can control link preview popup content on the internal hyperlinks (hyperlinks that point to other pages on your website), by modifying the meta tags on those pages.
🚫 You can't control link preview popup content on the external hyperlinks (hyperlinks that point to away from your website).

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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