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Placement of link preview popups

You can show link preview popups in specific webpage sections using CSS selectors. For example, it's common to display link previews in a blog post section, not in a header & footer. To do that, you need to specify the webpage's HTML elements(containers) where you want link previews to appear.

Your webpage HTML markup usually looks like this:

   <div class="header">...</div>
   <div class="main-content">...</div>
   <div class="footer">...</div>

Based on the example above, to enable link previews only inside "main content", add .main-content CSS class to the "Placement" settings. This will prevent link previews from appearing in header and footer of your website.

Supported CSS selectors: class, type, id, attribute

Best Practice:
Choose a parent container element, instead of targeting individual <a> link elements
You can add multiple HTML containers
Instead of targeting generic HTML classes, add unique HTML attribute for container where you want link previews to appear, e.g. <div data-linkz-ai-container>...</div>, then add the following CSS selector: div[data-linkz-ai-container] to "Limit Link Previews to HTML container(s)" setting

Updated on: 01/04/2024

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